Fascia Mount Deck Railing Brackets for 4×4 Post

The solution for your fascia mount deck railing when you want to use a wooden 4×4 post.

Are you looking for a way to mount your wooden 4×4 wooden railing posts to the outside of your deck?

Obviously if you have a vinyl or fibreglass waterproof top to your deck, you can’t surface mount your posts to it.

Well, you could. But then you have holes running through your deck – and water is sure to find its way in at some point.

The solution? These custom 4×4 fascia mount brackets.

They’re made to order and you can order a custom size if you require them to be closer to the side of the deck or further away – depending on if you’re using a fascia board or depending on the width of your fascia board.

The fascia mount deck railing brackets shown are based on a fascia board with an actual width measurement of 3/4″ thick.

Now you can incorporate wood into your deck railing again, saving you from having to spend even more money on custom aluminum or steel railings.

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